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Nelly creates events Celebrating food & Italy

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Give Sweet Italian Treats as Gifts

Mandorletti, the delicious gluten-free almond cookie - the perfect sweet gift. These sweets are characteristically chewy inside and crispy outside, intensely almondy and are made with only three ingredients: almonds, sugar, egg whites. Order by the dozen.

Torta di Verdura Genovese, Nelly CapraTorta
Panettone for the holidays. Classic recipe, just like it's been made in Genova for centuries with orange blossom water, pine nuts, fennel seeds.

Available for shipping to your home or business. Contact Nelly to order

Catering, Events, Classes & slow Meals

For over fifteen years the people of Genoa feasted on the many varieties of Torte di Verdura baked by Nelly Capra in her ancient wood burning ovens. Torte di Verdura is a centuries old culinary tradition from Genoa Italy. It is a succulent pastry stuffed with fresh vegetables, herbs and cheeses then baked to perfection.

Her restaurant and two food stores in the Ligurian Riviera were named Antica Sciamadda (pronounced anteeka shumäddä) in reference to the hand-built, brick and stone ovens that she used. Her specialties (including over twenty savory pies made of the freshest ingredients, a variety of focacce, pasta dishes, stuffed vegetables, and crispy farinata) have been enjoyed by her native community of Genova, as well as by tourists from Italy and abroad. Watch YouTube video below to see farinata being made in the shop.

Now, Nelly Capra has brought her skills and knowledge of the Genoese style of Italian cooking to the San Francisco Bay Area.

From her Los Altos kitchen she offers a variety of cooking classes and catering services. She also offers vacation cooking classes in Italy where you can sample the local flavors and learn how to bring the tastes of Italy home with you.

Nelly is pleased to offer her Mandorletti, soft almond cookies for purchase, individually packaged. Ideal for personal or corporate gifts, wedding favors or anywhere a sweet treat is needed.
Mandorletti Info & Order

"Nelly Capra, Bringing Italy to all I agree with the statement in the article La farinata? Meglio a San Francisco by I moved to California but the love for Liguria and it's gastronomy was so strong that I continue to cook and teach, as I did for years at Antica Sciamadda in Genoa.

They say they are proud of me for being the ambassador of Genovese cooking in the US. I am happy the store maintains the tradition and quality that made this shop a gastronomic landmark for last 200 years.

The current owner of Antica Sciamadda in Genoa created this video showing the daily preparations of typical Ligurian dishes. Enjoy!" — Nelly Capra

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