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Wheat-free items are available.

Many of Nelly's foods are naturally wheat-free, compatible with dietary needs of people with an intolerance to gluten or wheat. Wheat-free items are indicated with an asterix '*'.

  1. Assorted Appetizers Platter
    Parmesan rounds, rosemary/thyme straws, lettuce/green onions fritters, savory biscotti, marinated olives.
  2. Bite-size Calzone (half moons)
    They come in various fillings:
    mozzarella, tomatoes, olives sautéed greens, provolone and ricotta, curried meat, diced potatoes and raisins.
  3. Mini pizza
    Bite-size pizzette with various toppings (capers, anchovies, pepperoni, pickled vegetables, olives, etc.
  4. Bruschetta
    Home-made crusty bread, such as ciabatta, topped with diced tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, shaved Romano, chick-peas puréed with garlic and olive oil, topped with sautéed spicy wild greens.
  5. Crostini ripieni
    Various tasty fillings (bell pepper and tuna fish, gorgonzola, walnuts and cream cheese, etc) in a hollowed, sliced baguette.
  6. Focacce, all olio di oliva
    Flat breads with various toppings or fillings, dressed with fine olive oil.
    Also bite-size (focaccine):
    Onion, thinly sliced onion topping
    Olive/nut, sliced and added to the dough
    Fresh herbs, chopped added to the dough
    Stuffed with sautéed spicy wild greens, or roasted bell peppers, or grilled vegetables
    Ethnic focaccia:
    Scacciata Siciliana(with provolone, olives, ham and onion)
    Pizza di indivia Napoletana (with sautéed endive, capers, olives, anchovies, raisins)
    Focaccia al formaggio di Recco (with soft cheese, arugula and fresh tomatoes).
  7. Farinata, Traditional Genovese snackFarinata*
    A traditional Genovese snack... It is a thin and tasty "crepe" made of garbanzo bean flour and olive oil. It is broiled until golden-crisp and then served hot, either plain, sprinkled with black pepper, or topped with green onions or rosemary. Buono! (wheat-free)
  8. Calzone rustico e pizza rustica
    stuffed with ricotta, prosciutto, ham, Romano. Delicious!
  9. Eggplant pizza*
    Grilled thick eggplant slices with tomato, herbs, mozzarella and olives. (wheat-free)
  10. Leek and Prosciutto breadLeek and prosciutto bread
    A yeast bread shaped in a kugelhopf mold, flavored with leeks, prosciutto and mozzarella chunks.
  11. Savory biscotti
    Pine nut/dried tomato/sage bread sticks. Good to nibble on!
  12. Grilled mixed vegetables*
    Eggplants, zucchini, etc... dressed with fresh herbs and garlic. (wheat-free)
  13. Grilled mixed vegetablesCaponata alla Siciliana*
    Eggplants, bell peppers, celery, onions, black olives, capers, pine nuts and a spicy/sweet/sour sauce. Served on crusty bread or with pita wedges. (wheat-free)
  14. Stuffed vegetables*
    Onions, bell peppers, small eggplants,tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, stuffed with a mixture of chopped vegetables, fresh herbs, eggs, and parmesan (wheat-free)
  15. Bite sized frittataVariety of bite-size frittata*
    Vegetables sautéed with fresh herbs, mixed with parmesan and bound with eggs. (wheat-free)
  16. Polpettone di fagiolini*
    Mashed potato, green beans, fresh herbs, eggs, parmesan, and baked until golden-crisp. (wheat-free)
  17. Sartú di patate*
    Mashed potatoes layered with tiny meat balls, mozzarella, eggs, and baked until golden-crisp. A Southern Italian recipe. (wheat-free)*
  18. Strudel di Verdure (Vegetable strudel)
    A mixture of green vegetables dressed with parmesan and fresh herbs, rolled up in thin dough and baked until crisp. Served with a goat cheese/herbed sauce.
  19. Panzanella
    bread salad with tomatoes, cucumber, herbs, etc.
  20. Pinzimonio*
    Platter of assorted vegetables with Italian-style dips. (wheat-free)
  21. Pickled eggplant salad*
    Spicy, marinated eggplants, served on baguette. (wheat-free)

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Torte di Verdure

  1. Torte di Verdura (vegetable torta) are a specialty from Genoa. All are filled with vegetables sautéed with fresh herbs in olive oil then mixed with ricotta and fresh Parmesan cheese. The mixture is then baked inside a bottom and a top crust made from several layers of thin dough or just the bottom crust "open face" style. These are some of the possibilities:
Torte di Verdure
  • Torta di bietole (Swiss chard)
  • Torta di cipolle o porri (onion or leek)
  • Torta di asparagi (asparagus)
  • Torta di carciofi (artichoke)
  • Torta di melanzane (eggplant)
  • Torta di cardi (cardoons)
  • Torta di fagiolini (green beans)
  • Torta di spinaci (spinach)
  • 'Torta di funghi spinaci (mushrooms/spinach)
  • Torta di zucchini

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Pasta | Gnocchi | Soups | Risotto | Polenta

  1. Lasagne al forno
    Layers of homemade fresh noodles (white or spinach):
    Meatless - fresh tomato sauce, herbs, béchamelle, Parmesan.
    Alla Portofino - with pesto, instead of tomato sauce
    Green lasagna with vegetables - spinach noodles, ricotta, tomato sauce, grilled eggplants, and mozzarella
    Alla Napoletana - with tomato sauce, miniature meatballs, béchamelle, mozzarella, and Parmesan.
  2. Cannelloni al forno (baked cannelloni)
    Homemade noodles or crepes, stuffed with: Spinach/ricotta/herbs, topping: sauce/tomato sauce. Ground meat/ricotta/herbs, topping: as above.
  3. Rotolo al forno, baked stuffed rollRotolo al forno (baked stuffed roll)
    A layer of home made noodles filled with vegetables (asparagus, spinach, or zucchini), ricotta rolled up, sliced and dressed with melted butter, sage, and Parmesan or tomato sauce and baked.
  4. Gnocchi di semolino alla Romana
    Round dumplings made with semolina flour, topped with melted butter, sage, and Parmesan or with vegetables (spinach. zucchini), and baked.
  5. Rabatoni (green gnocchi)
    Ricotta /green vegetables/ fresh herbs 2” long dumpling. Dressed with butter/sage/Parmesan and baked. A recipe from Piemonte.
  6. Catering authentic Italian dishesParmigiana di melanzane*
    Grilled eggplants layered with tomato sauce, fresh herbs and mozzarella. (wheat-free)
  7. Polenta*
    Classic cornmeal dish, available in two styles:
    Plain, topped with melted butter or tomato sauce.
    With cooked-in vegetables (carrots, beans, peas, zucchini), served with tomato sauce.
    Maritata, con uccelletti scappati, with cooked-in beans, served with skewered meats in a tasty white wine sauce.
  8. Risotto-filled eggplants*
    Eggplants stuffed with saffron/shrimp/chicken risotto, baked. (wheat-free)
  9. Risotto timbale
    A dome or box made of risotto containing various stuffings:
    a tasty mixture of of sautéed meats in a white wine sauce.
    noodles dressed with tomato/eggplant sauce, romano.
    noodles dressed with meatballs/tomato sauce/peas.
  10. Minestrone alla Genovese*
    A soup made of a variety of fresh vegetables, diced and slowly cooked with basil, garlic olive oil. Served with short noodles and dressed with pesto and Parmesan. (wheat-free)
  11. Pasta e fagioli
    A thick soup made with cranberry beans slowly cooked with fresh herbs and othesavory ingredients. Served with fresh short noodles. Also available in the version with spelt.

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Second Courses or Main Dishes

  1. Cotechino in gabbia
    A special Italian sausage, enveloped in a "cage" of spinach and bread dough, baked, and served with stewed lentils and/or stewed cabbage, and mostarda in the Piemontese style. It is a delicious, tasty in-season dish that is traditional at Christmas and New Year.
  2. Chicken rolls with watercress*
    Chicken breasts stuffed with goat cheese/watercress/herbs, flavored with white wine, baked and served with sautéed fresh tomato and basil. (wheat-free)
  3. Arrosto bicolore (two-color roast in pastry wreath)
    Savory, decorated short pastry wreath filled with herbed tomato-red and spinach-green lean ground beef, baked until golden.
  4. Cima alla Genovese (stuffed breast of veal)*
    A traditional Genoese dish: a thin layer of meat stuffed with vegetables, pine nuts, eggs, and fresh herbs, boiled in broth. Served sliced over a bed of lettuce. (wheat-free)
  5. Arrosto freddo di vitelloArrosto freddo di vitello*
    Veal stuffed with roasted bell peppers, capers, herbs, rolled up and baked. Served cold on a bed of lettuce. (wheat-free)
  6. Fagioli e salsiccia all’uccelletto*
    White beans and Italian sausage stewed in a tasty tomato sauce with herbs in the Tuscan way. Served on bruschetta. (wheat-free)
  7. Vitello tonnato*
    Veal thinly sliced and served cold with tuna fish/capers/olive sauce. Very traditional in Italy and very, very good. (wheat-free)
  8. Tagliata di manzo alla pizzaiola*
    Hot beef carpaccio, thinly sliced served on a bed of arugula, black eye peas, topped with pizzaiola sauce. (wheat-free)
  9. Caciucco*
    A tasty fish stew flavored with saffron and tomatoes in the Tuscan style. Served layered with polenta (very attractive and tasty). (wheat-free)

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  1. Chocolate-nut cake
    Filled with walnuts, glazed with chocolate.
  2. Pandolce Genovese, dessert from GenoaPandolce (Panettone) Genovese
    A traditional flat fruit cake, sold in every pastry shop in Genoa made with pine nuts, raisins, fennel seeds, and a scent of orange flower water. See Specialty Foods to order individually.
  3. Crostate
    Pies made with a flaky short pastry crust in the following styles:
    Crosta di amaretti - 2 layers of marsala-soaked almond amaretti with a top crust.
    Crosta di frutta - with fruit preserves/fresh fruit with a latticed top.
    Pastiera - Orange water flavored ricotta and wheat berries with a latticed top.
  4. Bunet del Monferrato
    A traditional chocolate pudding from Piemonte, flavored with amaretti and coffee. Served with whipped cream.
  5. Tiramisu
    Layers of coffee-soaked savoiardi (lady’s fingers), flavored with coffee, liqueur, and a mascarpone-based custard.
  6. Torta dolce verde (sweet green torta)
    Orange/spice-flavored spinach/Swiss chard torta .
  7. Bugie (“lies”)
    Knotted cookies made of lemon-scented short pastry.
  8. Mandorletti cookies*
    Home-made soft almond macaroons in the Piemontese style.
    Also available as individually packaged. Great gift or surprise dessert! (wheat-free)
  9. Italian cookiesAssorted Italian cookies
    Baci di dama, passulate baked on lemon leaves, hazelnut biscotti, orange rolled biscotti, etc...
  10. Poached fruit
    Pears, peaches, or apricots in wine served with zabaglione or with bunet di cioccolato.
  11. Torta dolce di zucca
    Italian squash/almond/amaretti cake served with caramel sauce.
  12. Torta di limone*
    Delicious moist lemon (orange, or pineapple) cake served with warm fresh fruit salad. (wheat-free)
  13. Semifreddo
    Homemade Italian-style ice cream. Flavors: zabaglione, espresso, strawberry.

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Examples of dinner menus

  1. A traditional Southern Italian meal*
    Sweet and sour onion
    Rice and eggplant timbale
    Roast pork loin Sicilian way
    Stuffed mushrooms
    Baked drunken figs with sauce and ice cream. (wheat-free)
  2. Flavors of the Rivieras
    A mixture of fritters and antipasti
    Lasagne Portofino - baked home-made lasagne with pesto
    Torta di funghi a funghetto
    Stuffed squash blossoms
    Condiggion - a salad mixture (with everything in it, in the Genovese style)
    Chestnut crepes with stewed fruit and ice cream.
  3. A real couscous dinner with all the trimmings
    Home-made from scratch couscous with lamb/chicken or fish (the Sicilian way) stew.
    Served with cucumber salad, eggplant dip, bell pepper stew, herbed lentils and garbanzo beans salad, tomato/feta, green fava bean/mint fritters.
  4. Nelly’s Brazilian feast*
    Moquequa de peixe - a fish stew from Bahia - with tropical flavor
    Bobò de camaroes - shrimps with coconut sauce
    Rice and black beans, Brazilian style
    Farofa de carne seca - cassava flour sautéed with dried meat
    Various salads
    Bolo de abacaxi (pineapple dessert). (wheat-free meal)
  5. An antipasto and dessert table
    Mini pizza, Bruschetta with 2 toppings
    Focaccia all’olio di oliva
    Strudel di verdure
    Pickled eggplant salad, Pinzimonio
    Assorted Italian cookies
    Poached fruit with zabaglione.
  6. A spring menu
    Savory fritters with herbs
    Focaccia stuffed with sautéed spicy bitter greens
    Rabatoni (herb and ricotta gnocchi)
    Fresh green pasta with asparagus and Parmesan
    Pistachio biscotti with fruit salad.
  7. A fall feast
    Torta di zucca (savory pumpkin torta)
    Stuffed vegetables
    Chestnut flour fresh pasta with pesto sauce
    Cardoni au gratin
    Persimmon pie.
  8. An "al fresco" dinner
    Pizzelle di melanzane
    Focaccia with chopped fresh tomato
    Rice timbale stuffed with eggplant pasta
    Orange/endive salad
    Agghiotta di pesce spada
    Macedonia di frutta fresca con gelato.
  9. Winter red*
    Arance sanguinelle (blood oranges), beets, and red onion salad
    Winter pizzette
    Risotto al Chianti (red wine)
    Italian sausage with lentils
    Grilled red radicchio
    A southern dessert with wheat berries, pomegranate, red wine, chocolate, and syrup. (wheat-free meal)

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