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Slow Meal MenusSLOW Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I subscribe to Slow Meals?
To subscribe to Slow Meals, payment of the monthly subscription is required at the beginning of your month’s period. You may choose the Slow Meal Deal ($100 for 6 meals) or the Slow Meal Plan ($150 for 10 meals).
How do I order?
At the beginning of each month, monthly menus are available online at
Choose the menus based on the dishes you like AND the days that work for you. Email the dates to me. I will confirm the dates to you. Here is a helpful list of heating/freezing tips. You may order your meals up until 48 hours in advance.
How do I pay?
Payment is by cash or check to Nelly Capra, on first delivery.
Payment of subscription is at the beginning of the month. Extras are billed and paid at the end of the month.
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Do I need to provide my own containers? What kind of containers are recommended?
To avoid waste, Slow Meals are packaged in the customer’s containers. Pyrex dishes with lids or microwave safe plastic containers with lids are best. The size depends of the number of portions ordered. Customer will bring back the clean containers when picking  up or have them ready at delivery (they can be left in the cooler if no one is home).
Are dietary needs accommodated?
Dietary needs are accommodated (wheat-free, dairy-free, low-salt, low-fat, vegetarian, no onion, no beans) at no charge, unless they require special preparations, in which case a $3.00 per person substitution fee is applied.
Is it possible to substitute a menu item?
To offer the best quality at the lowest price, Slow Meals are organized as fixed menus. However, it is possible to substitute items. Substitution fee is $3.00 per person per item. If a menu item is not available on the market, we will be substituted with a similar one without notice.
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Is it possible to order more than one meal on different days and have them delivered at the same time?
It is possible to order two meals from two consecutive days menus, for instance Mon/Tues, and have them delivered both on Tuesday. Meals keep for up to 48 hours in the refrigerator. Most of them can be frozen.
What is the weekly feature?
very week featured items are available to order in addition to the regular menu of the day. You can enhance your meal, by ordering the soup, lasagna, dessert, torta of the week or order them for another day during the same week.
What are the other benefits reserved to Slow Meals subscribers?
  1. Each meal beyond 6 or 10 (depending on your chosen subscription) — during the same month’s period — at $15.00 each.
  2. 2. Subscribers are entitled to 10% discount on items ordered through Nelly’s Antica Sciamadda catering service.
  3. 3. Cooking classes at special prices.
  4. 4. Special offers on cooking tours in Italy. 
  5. 5. Italian language classes (group or private) at special prices.
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Missed Meals
Meals can be refrigerated and will keep for at least 48 hours. Most meals can be frozen. We have a handy list of suggestions on how to freeze and heat up meals.

Should none of the above options work, we will donate the corresponding value of the missed meals to our preferred charities The Hunger Project or the Pachamama Alliance. Subscriptions accounts cannot be merged (one subscription per household).
Does one meal serve one person? Do you have children’s portions?
Each meal serves one adult. If you purchase the Slow Meal Deal subscription, for instance, you will receive 6 individual meals (portions). Portions are average adult portions and can serve 1 and a half to two children.
What time is delivery and pick up? What is the delivery fee?
Delivery is between 3:00 and 5:30 pm. It may vary on the early side. Pick up time is after 3:00 pm. Delivery fee ranges from $7.00 to $8.50 (depending on location).
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What if I am not home when you deliver?
If you are not home at delivery time, we recommend you leave a cooler outside your front door. Food will be left in cooler with ice package.
If schedules for pick up don't match, food, labeled with your name, will be left in a cooler outside my front door with ice package.
What is Slow Dining? What is the difference between Slow Dinner and Slow Meal?
Slow dining is a dining experience Italian-style in Nelly’s dining room or, on a warm night, under the gazebo by the poolside. Subscription is not required. More Slow Dining information
Glossary of most common Italian dishes
Torta di verdure: A vegetable torta made with thin layers of dough enclosing a vegetable/cheese filling
Saltimbocca: jump-in-the-mouth (scaloppini with sage and prosciutto and white wine sauce)
Rigatoni al ragu: Tube-like noodle with meat/tomato sauce
Pollo alla diavola: “Deviled” chicken with spicy tomato sauce (similar to Pollo alla cacciatore)
Pasta e fagioli: Bean soup (usually cranberry or pinto or cannellini) with fresh noodles
Ribollita: Twice-boiled soup (Tuscan soup with beans, kale, garlic, bread)
Mandorletti: soft almond cookies
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