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Thank you for a great dinner. Shirley and I especially enjoyed the salmon cakes and beets. It was obvious that you prepare meals with patience, care and your personal touch. It was really a treat to have such a special meal in the quiet and privacy of our home. Thank you so much.

Jeff C.

Dinner was wonderful. The stew was delicious and we both enjoyed it so much. Thank you for all the wonderful tastes that you bring into our lives. Thanks again for the wonderful food and service.

Marcie S.

The lasagna was wonderful and so was the beef.   The kids really loved it.  I've been pleased that the kids enjoy all aspects of the meal.

Cinnamon C.

It was so wonderful to come home to your delicious food. 

Thank you for such wonderful food. My son Simon tried it and declared your lasagna the world's best.
We ADORED the frittata, as well as everything else. Simon ate the torta very happily —the whole thing.
(I would love to order for every night!)
We LOVED last meal and are still enjoying it. The fussy kids loved the vegetables.

Milena H.

The Wednesday dinner of roast pork with green beans was delicious! Nice work.

This was my favorite meal of the 4 we had for April. The sausage and cabbage were delicious, as was the yummy lentils. 

Elaine S.

We LOVED your meals! You are an excellent chef and it shows. The kids especially liked the cake — "yummy yummy."  We're so glad that we found you! :)
 Thanks again,

Audra, Erik, Megan, & Evan

Evan LOVED the green bean potato cake—it is tough to get him to eat vegetables, so this was a great trick!

The asparagus torta was the best ever!!! If you have extra, we'd like 2-3 more when you bring food tomorrow.

Audra B.

Thanks for the food Monday.  The pork was very delicious and my kids enjoyed the cheese-free pizza.

Susan Y.

We really enjoy the food prepared by Nelly and hope you will too!

Amy C.

I am looking forward to May and enjoying meals from your wonderful menu.

Debra M.

The focaccia that you included as part of today's dinner was very
tasty.  There was a slight trace of pepper, but it was not too hot. 
It went very well with the rest of the meal.


I wanted to let you know we really enjoyed Tuesday's meal.  We all loved the meat, and Mike particularly mentioned the gnocchi (me, too).  The veggies were great, too!

Risa B.

DInner last night was terrific. The green soup was really good. We would like it again!

Judy A.

Can I get 5 dozen mandorletti? I want to serve them at Keplers for my book event.  And I love them! Thanks,

Joanna S.

Thank you for a delicious dinner on Friday.  The roast and risotto were particularly well received. The chicken with lemon, capers and olives was our favorite of all of your chickens. It was so light and we like the combo of tart and salty.
he soup and torta provided us with more delicious meals. Thank you!

Randee S.

Parents telling parents

We wanted to let other busy parents know about a new service we have really been enjoying. Nelly Capra makes homemade Italian meals and delivers them to you (or you can pick them up). It costs about the same as buying pizza for our family or going out to a cheap (greasy) place. Instead of going out, we get real Italian home cooking and no problem with kids going wild or disturbing other diners (we almost never take all three to a quality restaurant).

Often we have leftovers for more meals. Each meal has three courses (primo, secondo and contorno). You sign up for 8 meals ($110) or 12 meals a month ($150), and you can order extra entrees, soups, sides and desserts for very reasonable prices ($2.50 per serving for most things, more like 6 or 7 $ for entrees, or 10$ for another full meal).

We order 3 meals for two adults and three young children. Recently the kids (6,4,and 3) started eating more and now we order four meals and have leftovers more often. So it's like eating out two or three times a month (not cooking two or three times a month). But the food is super healthy and better quality (very much homemade). She uses organic ingredients where possible and lots of things from her garden. You can also order a gift certificate if you just want to try out a few meals.

And she is super nice. It really is like having an Italian mom in the family. We love her!!

Corporate Parents Group

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