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Torta di Verdure Genovese

Torta di Verdure Genovese Torta di Verdure Genovese

Torta di Verdura is a centuries old culinary tradition from Genoa Italy. It is a succulent home-made pastry stuffed with fresh organic vegetables, herbs and cheeses then baked to perfection. Choose from the many options available depending on seasonal availability.

6/8 portions $ 20
10/12 portions $ 30
20/25 portions $ 60

To order, write to: Email or call (650)964-4265.

Panettone Genovese

Panettone GenovesePanettone Genovese perfumed with orange blossom water
and fennel seeds.


Classic recipe, just like it's been made in Genova for centuries.

Available in 3 sizes:
1 pound $15.00
1.5 pounds $21.00
2 pounds $29.00

Available for shipping
To order, write to: Email or call (650)964-4265.

Buy Mandorletti almond cookies

Ah, the aroma of almond cookies! I grew up surrounded by the aroma of mandorle. Across from my family country home in Mombaruzzo, Piemonte, stands one of the four or five factories that earn the title of “Il paese degli amaretti” to this small village in the Piemonte’s Monferrato region where my father was born and I spent most of the summers of my life.

These sweets (actually, amaretti means little bitter things) are characteristically chewy inside and crispy outside, intensely almondy and are made with only three ingredients: almonds, sugar, egg whites. Their slightly bitter aftertaste marries perfectly with a glass of chilled sparkling Moscato di Asti.

Here at Antica Sciamadda,I have always baked them using my old family recipe, served them to friends, and catered them. After receiving more and more requests for special orders, I have started to produce them regularly and calling them Mandorletti (little almond things). They are individually hand-rolled and hand-packed. I invite you to try them. Their texture and subtle flavor are addictive!

Wheat-free! Mandorletti are made without flour, which makes them an ideal treat for individuals with intolerance to wheat. I also make farinata, a wheat-free savory treat which can be seen on my catering page.

To order, write to: Email or call (650)964-4265.

Mandorletti are offered for pickup at Antica Sciamadda’s or delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area. They can also be carefully packed for freshness and shipped to your address.

1 dz Mandorletti $ 9.60
2 dz Mandorletti $19.20
3 dz Mandorletti $28.80
4 dz Mandorletti $38.40

Here is what people say about Mandorletti:

Thank you for those wonderful wonderful cookies.  Are you selling them yet?  If so, I would like to buy 4 dozen for Mother’s Day.  You are a great chef!!! I do believe that cookie I had on Thursday night was the best cookie I have ever tasted (and I have tried a lot of cookies!).  ~Fe

The cookies disappeared in minutes--they were terrific. ~Judy

By ordering Mandorletti  you can make a difference in the world: 10% of the profit from Mandorletti sales is invested in The Hunger Project.

Gift Certificates available.