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What is it about Italian food that makes us happy?

With Nelly Capra and Susan Flynn

What is it about Italian food that makes us feel happy and well nourished in both body and soul?  Why are people universally attracted to Italy's culture and cuisine?  How can we create such a wonderful food and spirit in our own American kitchens?


Market in MoliseNelly Capra and Susan Flynn, founder of Four Star Private Chefs, have created a culinary discovery tour whose itinerary will reveal some of the many secret ingredients of Italian eating and cooking.

Drawing from Nelly's personal family origins, we have chosen places of historic and regional significance to provide a background for our hands-on experiences, allowing us to learn to cook with an Italian mindset and create regional dishes that are tasty, healthy and prepared in the most sustainable way possible.

Ta-Da!Once you have shopped, cooked, eaten with friends under the Italian sky with Nelly and Susan, you will be on the path to learning how to live "la dolce vita" and to bringing these pleasures to your own table.

Nelly and Susan invite you to tour Molise with them in the summer and Piemonte in the fall.

Customized itineraries are also available.
For questions and information on upcoming tours email Nelly