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Come to Rome and find out!

Cooking Tours for Ancient Italian History Lovers
with Nelly Capra

The expression "you are what you eat" could not have been more true than in Ancient Rome.  While plebeians sustained themselves on cereals and bread, members of the senatorial class dined on exotic foods from far away lands and enjoyed three course meals over luxurious dinners.

RomeItaly, the country with a hundred cities and a thousand bell towers, is also the country with a hundred cuisines and a thousand recipes. Its great variety of culinary practices reflects a history long dominated by regionalism and political division, and has led to the common conception of Italian food as a mosaic of regional customs rather than a single tradition. Nonetheless, Italy’s culinary identities emerged over the course of the centuries through an exchange of information and techniques among geographical regions and social classes. Though diverse, these cuisines refer to a common experience that can be described as Italian.

In this course we will explore the social customs behind the Italian food we know and love today and we will learn the techniques that enable us to create some of the most popular Italian specialties.

What a great opportunity to explore contemporary and ancient Roman food history and culture while visiting the Eternal City. Classes will be held at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (ICCS)  located on one of the main streets of the Janiculum, ten minutes by bus from Piazza Venezia and downtown Rome.

We will also explore some of Rome unusual historical and artistic venues, markets, trattorie and neighborhoods. There will be also optional field trips to surrounding areas (Fonti del Clitunno, Monte San Biagio).

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Rome streetArchway on Rome Street