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Nature Explorations in the Molise Region

A culinary tour for nature lovers
with Nelly Capra and Diane West-Bourke

Experience the cultural, culinary & natural delights of Italy's Molise region. This area is famous for fine wine, food, and fabulous scenery—a perfect setting in which to explore our common interests in travel, food, cooking, hiking and nature. Led by Nelly Capra and Diane West-Bourke, this culinary tour promises to be a feast for the senses!

View hole in MoliseDiane West-Bourke is an enthusiastic, entertaining and inspiring teacher who has put her Master's degree in Biology to good use. She has been teaching natural history classes in the San Francisco Bay area for over 20 years, and leads popular nature trips throughout California, and to more exotic destinations like Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Costa Rica.

Nature discovery hikes with Diane will sharpen our minds, senses and appetites, while opening our eyes to the beauty of the Molise forests, foothills, and pastoral lands. Our explorations will focus on the adaptations and survival strategies of local organisms to the Mediterranean environment.

Nelly will show you how to create extraordinary meals with the bounty this land offers, and provide you with an intimate "insider's view" into local customs and village life.

We will also delve into the cultural and biological origins of some signature ingredients of Italian cuisine.

Tour details | Customized itineraries are also available.
For questions and information on upcoming tours email Nelly

Piemonte Molise houses