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It isn't hard
to make a frittata:
beat two or three eggs
with a pinch of salt,
add some sautéed spinach
or artichoke hearts, if you prefer.
Don't forget marjoram - possibly fresh
and a hint of nutmeg.
You will need good olive oil
a non-stick pan,
and a little patience
stirring those scrambled eggs.
They look so messy, like
they'll never coagulate and stick together
to form a perfectly round, smooth
golden/brown mouthwatering frittata.
You have time to panic in the process,
see in the mess the confirmation
of all your doubts.
in a moment of grace,
you may see in the odd shape
of the half-cooked eggs
the perfect connection
between chaos and order.
You can choose your thoughts,
there is beauty in a half-done frittata
or there is anxiety.
At times
making a frittata is the best thing
that can happen to you
or the worst:
you abandon every hope,
turn the heat off,
leave the unfinished business
in the pan,
and walk away - still hungry.
Without giving yourself a chance
to learn the challenge
of flipping a frittata.

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"I come from a country where food is a central part of life. My passion and mission is to share my love of food and cooking with my students. Also to give them the inspiration and tools to create memorable meals and live meaningful experiences in the kitchen." - Nelly Capra