Nelly Writes — Poems


Forgive and celebrate,
meet at the table and
give thanks,
let go of the need to
have ravioli for Christmas
to feel at home
away from home.

Waiting within the pink slices
of roasted honey-glazed ham,
surrounded by ambrosia
and sauteed green beans,
lives the same wish
of giving and receiving and
savoring harmony
as in the golden skin
of roasted lamb with potatoes
preceeded by tortellini or ravioli in broth
and followed by panettone and moscato.

Forgive and celebrate,
let√Ęs nourish the body
as well as the soul
with the love we all need
whether it comes in the color
of pink slices of ham
or in the gold of the lamb's roasted skin.

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"I come from a country where food is a central part of life. My passion and mission is to share my love of food and cooking with my students. Also to give them the inspiration and tools to create memorable meals and live meaningful experiences in the kitchen." - Nelly Capra