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Are you married and taken for granted I Want Hookers

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Are you married and taken for granted

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Someone gets hurt.

Words and actions that we would never level at an acquaintance, friend, or even a stranger rush out unrestrained toward our spouse because it feels safe to do so. Tweet This!

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The long road to healing begins with choosing to forgive. Take an account for yourself of the things that you have tamen and done that were harmful to your relationship.

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Dig deep into those moments and try to ror the situation from various angles. What prompted the actions or words? Could they have been avoided?

Was an opportunity missed to show grace or simply to walk away? Or is it simply an eroding of the kindness, gentleness, and consideration that you both strived for so diligently when you were dating and first married.

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It happens to every married couple, without fail. You can face the music, admit that there were Are you married and taken for granted that you could have and should have responded instead of reacting, could have overlooked an ill-timed comment or action, or could have chosen to say nothing at all.

You take responsibility for your own actions and choose to forgive yourself for your part in the building of the road to bitterness. granfed

Each day you resolve, as much as possible, to be a peacemaker. And then you make the difficult, and sometimes seemingly unfair, choice to forgive your husband for his role in causing the rift. Making plans on behalf of your partner? Speak to them first! Cancelling plans last minute is also a pretty big no-no in terms of respecting someone.

Searching Sex Are you married and taken for granted

Once or twice is understandable — things happen outside of our control! But, and this is where respect comes into play, these changes must be communicated to the other person.

Do they speak to you before making decisions about their life? Part of being with someone is valuing their presence in your life.

That means asking them for advice, wanting their input on things, and turning to them when you need support. Are they involved in your life, too? Simple as that.

Financially, for example, are you paying more rent and bills than they are? Who does the housework more often? Sure, couples get settled into habits and one person will often take care of a particular task because they just… do!

Make sure that things feel mutual in some ways. Another question to ask is: Are they supporting you enough emotionally?

This can be incredibly difficult to answer. Wanting intimacy and love does not make you clingy or desperate. A good relationship means being there for each other, caring for one another, and supporting your partner.

Affection and attention are huge parts of being with someone and are what you should expect as a minimum — and what you deserve. There are reasons why some people are not happy showing or receiving affectionof course. These are to be respected at all times.

The Danger In Taking Your Spouse For Granted | HuffPost

The fact is, people keep their word when dealing with others whom they value and respect. Musings From The Feminine Side.

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At the very least, they would call back later to finish up the talk. After all, free time is a precious, limited commodity, and household errands should be split evenly amongst the two of you.

A relationship is a two-way street, so even if you both have different ways of showing affectionthe efforts behind them should eventually balance out. Part of being a good partner is anticipating—through careful listening— the grantee of your significant other.

Seeking For A Man Are you married and taken for granted

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