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Funny good looking and still lonely Wanting Horny People

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Funny good looking and still lonely

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Pages 3: Thread Rating: Thread Modes. Mike Banned.

This is not meant to put down those who aren't or don't consider themselves physically attractive. I ponely it might seem that way but I'm really not someone who is caught up in looks whether it be mine or someone elses.

Lonely People - your stories: “The kind of loneliness that makes my heart ache”

Funny good looking and still lonely, sometimes there's this train of thought where if you are lonely you must be ugly or unattractive or whatever. So obviously just because someone is good looking does not mean they aren't lonely. I do consider myself to Funjy good looking and I would be even better looking if I took better care of myself and Adult ladiess Kansas cinema 6 anyone nicer but being alone means I don't really have anyone to impress so that department can be a challenge.

So Funny good looking and still lonely I am wondering here is if there are others on here who either have been told they are attractive or feel they are and yet it hasn't made much difference in their social lives and they lookiny don't have hardly any or any at all friends. This is the case for me. It can be even more frustrating if you are "handsome" Pike New Hampshire nt swingers "pretty" because then you think "Geez I must have a really crappy personality or something" or maybe just not anr in social situations.

Being attractive does not guarantee any kind of social life and that's really what I am getting at here. Seeker Unregistered. Like I said in another post, loneliness can strike anyone and makes no discrimination.

Attractive people can actually have it harder than others, since people may be too intimidated by their looks and avoid Funny good looking and still lonely company, since next to the attractive friend they will always feel inferior, especially when the attractive friend is always approached by a member of the opposite sex while the average one is always ignored.

Feb Reputation: I am conflicted over my level of attractiveness.

I've got some degree of body dysmorphia. Some days I look lnoely my face and see something ugly, other days, I wake up feeling pretty and like the face I see in the mirror. Some days it really feels as though I am looking at a stranger's face in the mirror.

That said, some people have fawned over me telling stil that I am beautiful, stunning, gorgeous; in contrast, one guy told me that I was maybe about average a low 5 and that I would need a good skill, such as giving awesome blow jobs, to keep a man. My last long-term Wife wants nsa New Rome was with a guy who told me that I wasn't conventionally attractive, but Funny good looking and still lonely he liked he way I look.

The implication there is that no one else would find me attractive, so I'd better be grateful that he did.

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There unattractive people out there who seem to be in happy relationships, what is wrong with me? Then the ugly days come and I tell myself "No wonder you're always single.

How to Survive Loneliness - 10 Things I Learned Alone ⋆ LonerWolf

You're ugly and unloveable. Just stay in the house so you won't afflict the world with your hideousness. Nov Reputation: I think the term "attractive" is pretty meaningless. Everyone is attractive to someone, not everyone is attractive to everyone.

It also shifts over time. As for anyone who rates other people out of 10, that's just nonsense.

Personally I would say Lookjng don't really Funny good looking and still lonely the profile lioking what current socially engineered physical male attractiveness would be. But there are women who have found me very attractive. Also, a lot abd insecure people will try to snatch what they consider good looking in order to boost their loonely egos, surely people would rather be in a relationship or friendship based on a real connection, rather than be used as eye candy to impress other people?

Apologies for my typos, I know how to spell and have a good command of syntax and language, I just don't have time to proof read my posts lately! Oct Reputation: I've been told many times I'm attractive but I don't feel Need fit younger Omaha Nebraska now Funny good looking and still lonely ever helped much in my social life.

Would I have all of those friends if my appearance was any different? Who knows, I doubt it's made any difference. I know so many guys who would probably be considered less attractive than me, yet have a lot more friends than I do.

My theory is there are two types of attractive people. There is type 1 who believe looks nad extremely important, they believe people judge others based on their looks and they know they are attractive.

Funny good looking and still lonely

The result of these beliefs is very high confidence, which gives them a huge advantage in their social lives. Then there is type 2.

Type 2 have much different beliefs to type 1. They would believe looks aren't very important or they would believe they aren't actually that attractive. Therefore they don't have the same advantage in their social lives because their beliefs don't allow them to draw confidence from their looks.

I’m Good Looking, But Can’t Get a Girlfriend | The Modern Man

I've come to realise recently just how important beliefs are. Funny good looking and still lonely who have great social lives generally just have better beliefs than people who don't have such good social lives. I'm sure if a lot of people on here closely analysed their beliefs, it would reveal a lot about why they are lonely.

Punisher Waiting for Christmas.

Good looking and yet still lonely

Same here. I think I would rather be ugly and normal than "attractive" and a freak Punny is not made for this world. Me too.

While I still feel like an Outsider, in the year prior to meeting Sol, I discovered how to Realize that you can have fun alone, and that you don't need to rely on others to I did this by spending a few minutes every day looking at myself in a mirror. But many people falsely believe that a best friend can only be someone else. The presence of people doesn't stop you from feeling lonely. than your own family, why can the office sometimes still feel so isolating? That work led me to looking at this from a broader perspective in terms of The fact that you laughed after that is not a good sign It's so funny that you mention that!. It's important to realize why we feel lonely, because only then can we see how trust, so if that's missing, you may feel lonely, even if you have fun with your friends. Have you found any good ways to understand and deal with loneliness ? “Humans Are Primed to Love the Natural World, But We Still Have to Cultivate It.”.

I'm not saying I'm Brad Pitt or anything but over the past couple of months or so I've felt like some kind of freak. Even though I'm a bit overweight I still think that I'm "too cute" or something. It's really weird.

I don't know. I think there are just some women who are drop dead gorgeous and most if not Funny good looking and still lonely people would admit they are at least attractive. I admit it's subjective to some degree but there are people who most would not get too excited about based on looks and others who most would again Woman want nsa Drifton on looks.

However, it is true that looks aren't everything and we must learn to accept ourselves including the way we look whether we think we are good looking or not. Sep Reputation: There are different types of loneliness since there are different types of love.

Funny good looking and still lonely

But yes I could easily see the best looking guy being lonely under a million different scenarios. Being lonely is a feeling of being incomplete. You can be wanted by a billion people but the one person you care about doesn't want you, you will feel lonely.

Or that person could want you, but isn't there and you will feel lonely. Same way you can be completely alone and not feel lonely. Or you can be surrounded by a group of friends and feel lonely.

EveWasFramed Fortes fortuna adiuvat. Jun Reputation: Being plump and having black teeth used to be signs of socially acceptable attractiveness I laughed and laughed. I have no idea why, but I laughed. Thanks for that. There's not Funny good looking and still lonely sexier than good dental hygiene.

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