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Looking for a buddy to chill and smoke with Look Adult Dating

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Looking for a buddy to chill and smoke with

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Seeking for someone to hang out with, maybe date, and go from there. Seeking to meet the man of my dreams, maybe it can happen here. Just moved here seeking for girl 23-28 to have fun and spend the rest of my life with not seeking to just hook up.

Name: Fern
Age: 27
City: Broome
Hair: Blond naturally
Relation Type: Older Lonely Looking Single Parent
Seeking: I Ready Nsa
Relationship Status: Married

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Dating apps are always priding themselves on their ability to match you to the eith person. The way they do this is by asking you to list your job, your age, your interests and your hobbies. Unfortunately they completely overlook one of the most important question: Do you smoke marijuana?

Lucky for you there's a new app available on Google Play and for IOS called High There buxdy it's a dating app made especially Find Kensington cannabis consumers.

You can finally skip over the ocean of overly judgmental love-seekers and search through a bank of like-minded individuals who don't care that you smoke weed.

They care more about things like whether qnd a joint smoker, an edibles consumer, a bong user or if you prefer vaporizers. They want to know how high you get when you smoke, if you like getting high on the couch while watching movies and if so, what kind of Wives want nsa Odanah or if you're the type to get into all kinds of adventures when you get high.

This app eliminates the fear of being judged while searching for love and friendship on the internet. Todd Mitchem, who first thought of the idea for High There, was inspired after noticing that even living in a state where marijuana is legal, people still judge you Lokoing often dismiss you the minute they find out you smoke marijuana. That's because the stigma that marijuana users face is ever present.

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They're often referred to as burnouts and potheads as if that was the only thing that defines them. Mitchem points out that you can use anti-depressants and no one calls you an anti-depressant head but if you smoke pot, you're automatically pot-head.

But High There is so much more than just a dating appit's a way to build a community for a group of people who up until recently been forced to remain secretive about their habits. You can use the app to make new like-minded friends, imagine Lookinv to new city and being able to find a smoking buddy the same day. How cool would it be to find out that your upstairs neighbor is a marijuana smoker looking for someone to hang out with?

If your dealer goes out of town before you've had time to restock, you now Looking for a buddy to chill and smoke with access to thousands of pot smokers who can help you get in contact with a new source.

And that's not all, the app is also a great way for medicinal marijuana users to connect with others who may be going through the same thing they are. The app is currently available in all Luxembourg ct bbw cheaters states where marijuana is legal or decriminalized and will be available in Canada tomorrow Friday, February 13th The user base is growing quickly, gaining over 10, additional users in the last 5 days alone.

Click Here for more info or to download the app.

Photo cred - HighThere Dating apps are always priding themselves on their ability to match you to the proper person.