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Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35

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Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35

Sorry, could not submit your Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35. Legzman April 18, nad Just like wife and i would fiend to do 2 1 Reply Submit Reply. Bi-wife4sex 27 days ago. Where are you 0 0 Reply Submit Reply. Pat May 28, I helped my friend from work fuck her husband one night.

It is, but our family is a family of nudists. When we have other people staying with us we have to be very explicit with the kids Mr they have to wear clothes in public areas of the house. A womans perspective could easily see being naked late at night when you think everybody else is in bed, particularly if that's what you would normally do in your house.

He should at least tell his wife in a "so, this was awkward" kind of way. What happens if he doesn't tell his wife but the naked fucj does?

Then his wife will Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 be Busty women in Queen city Missouri little confused as to why OP didn't say anything.

He would probably say something like "the weirdest thing happened last night. I got up to go to the bathroom and I saw Naked Lady walking down the hall, totally naked. She saw me, blew me a kiss, and just walked away. Weird, huh?

Yeah that wouldn't hurt as long as he fdiend say crap fgiend how "innapropriate" and "dangerous" she was because of he says that to Casual sex El Paso Arkansas wife then it's not Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 to go well.

This is Single housewives looking hot sex Fort Dodge I'd probably do for exactly that reason, and then always wonder if my silly gesture had been misinterpreted. He's overreacting and turning this into something it's not.

It doesn't sound like she intentionally got naked and waited for him to come back Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 she could seduce him in the hallway.

Fyck falls under the category of "shit happens. Fuco biggie. I agree. I'm a woman and if I were the wife in this situation I could see myself panicking and trying to do something funny to ease the Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 of the situation-regardless of if the person who spotted me was male or female, friend or spouse of friend.

Granted, I would probably then lie awake wondering why the fuck I just did that, wite_35 people can spaz out in fhck situations and I know my go to is always to make a joke out of the situation. Oh come on. It may be perfectly normal to walk around your house nude but it's not perfectly normal to walk around your house nude when you have overnight guests.

He didn't walk in on her in a bathroom; she was strolling down the hall. That's completely inappropriate behavior around guests you aren't nakedly intimate with already.

It's rude and thoughtless at best. Sexually aggressive besg worst. Wief_35 if the genders were reversed. The fuck, seriously? It's sexually aggressive to be nude and walking back to your room in the middle of the night? She was walking away from him, not waiting naked by the door of his room. Nudity isn't the same as sexuality. She was walking away from him down the hallway.

She probably went to a bathroom herself in the middle of the night. She didn't approach him. Yea this sounds likely. I've had roommates before and such. If I wake up at 3am to a silent house and have to piss I am going to just quickly run quietly to the bathroom. I don't have time to care how Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 look when I'm barely even awake and will only be gone for what, 2 minutes. Down a dark hallway no less with the chances slim of anyone being up at the same time in view of the hallway.

Some people look into this stuff too much. Sounds like she just made light of fucj odd and embarrassing situation.

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Unless she has be flirty heavily with you prior I would just forget about it. On top of that I don't see any reason to tell the wife. I mean yea maybe that's fine if you make Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 to point out it was late and all.

Seriously remember most people don't think at 3am. I know I don't. Practically sleep walking and don't remember it the next morning. You know, I keep hoping that at some point this country will finally GET that.

I don't know though. Seems like if anything, we're going backwards.

People completely lose their shit if they see beet boob. Imagine how this story would have gone if instead of HER, it was her husband. This place would be up in arms calling for his arrest for being a "sexual predator.

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By "this country" I take it you mean Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 Come to Europe, we're far from perfect but we're not prudes, have cheap or free health care, don't allow our kids to shoot one another, and don't lock up a huge section Dover Delaware mi milf pussy our population. Whether nudity is sexual or not depends on the context and the Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 is unclear in this fuc.

If she is, for example, an exhibitionist who gets off on being "accidentally" seen, then she did violate OP sexually without his consent just as much as a flasher in the park would.

Even if there was no sexual intention, which I think is more likely, it was inappropriate, rude and thoughtless. If you have guests in your house, you throw on a robe. It's basic courtesy. I think OP has a right to be upset about this and it's invalidating to dismiss it as inoffensive because it's not. I also don't think people would dismiss this so readily if the genders were reversed.

I mean we can argue about walking naked in your home and fall to either side of the fence but guests? Like if I was female and it was my girl cousins, girlfriends, outer family depending on closeness like ok. Less closely related wice_35

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Well, ok again, but in that case I can see myself maaaybe taking a chance through a hallway at 2 am because I'm lazy and don't think my guest would be up but blowing a kiss? To my husband's friend? That is not socially normal. It's not. Shit happens. Blowing a kiss is weird even by trying not to make it weird standards.

I mean I'd be super embarrassed and my reaction would be to smack Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 head with my hand or something and scoot away ASAP.

If I didn't give a shit about the person who saw me, though, blowing a kiss is a way to make light of it. I probably Meet giirl Spencer for sex blow someone a kiss to "ease the embarassing situation" of them seeing me naked accidentally. I don't think anyone would, also it's NOT normal to walk around naked when you have company, including children.

Well, I went to bathroom in the middle of the night. Then decided to get a glass of water in the kitchen. Obviously she'd been waiting in the kitchen all night, naked, just hoping I'd show up.

There was an unfinished game Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 solitaire on the kitchen worktop. When she heard me coming towards the kitchen she ran towards her bedroom in an extravagant manner which naturally caught my eye.

When she could feel my eyes burning into the back of her head she spun around, paused, smiled, and blew me a kiss. I'm just lucky I went on that retreat with those monks in Tibet to ensure I had full control over my sexual urges, because any mortal man wouldn't have been able to resist her. After she blew a kiss at me, she Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 off.

Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35

I mean, 'bedroom', hers, how obvious can you get. You're so strong my darling. Resisting that wicked temptress. We'll have nothing ym do with her or her husband again.

Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 Look Hookers

My God, imagine if one of the kids had gone to the kitchen. We'd have had to gouge their eyes out. You have a real flair for dramatic sarcasm, you know that? I'm assuming Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 figured out a way to profit from that in the Real World. OP saw friend's wife naked, she blew a kiss, because she is chill, OP needs to ym chill. OP you are making this way more than it is. It speaks to what is Swingers sex Finland on in your head, more than your host.

An "emotional struggle"? If Anv wife is half as crazy as he is, they will be ruining a nice couple's friendship over this very silly episode. It's not easy to find "grown-up" friends - with kids, no less, where everyone gets along.

They've known each other since high school. This reaction is out of proportion. I'm married and if my husband never told me about this, I would NOT find it fishy, I wouldn't give a shit. Also, I can't come up Ladies seeking sex Osgood Indiana a reason qnd wife would ever mention this again.

If she did, the smart thing for OP to do would be to say "it was the middle of the night, I never even realized she was there. Kidding aside, I would tell my wife. I wouldn't make a big Lonely naughty chat China - Hong Kong about it and neither would she, but it is best to be honest. Smoking isn't remotely the same thing as being nude?

Being nude can't shorten your guests' live spans? This is a really dumb analogy. When everyone is awake and you're interacting with each other? Ya I guess you could say that's rude. But in the end, it is your house and you can do what you want. When everyone is supposedly asleep though pretty sure that's not the same thing. So maybe it was a poor decision, but that doesn't mean the woman was trying to seduce or sexually assault OP or something.

He ahd write it off as a weird choice for her to have made and move on with his damn life instead of examining every little thing the woman's done for the past 10 years. It was rude of her to put him in that situation to begin with.

I'm not saying that he needs to freak out over it but I am sick of the down votes over this. Just because you are staying at someone's house doesn't mean that you should have to see them naked. She should have thrown on a robe before leaving the room. It's common courtesy. Besr "It's my house and I can do what I want" mindset Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 fine but would you have sex in the living room when you have guests over?

No, because that is something you don't do around unsuspecting guests. There is nothing wrong with naked bodies but that doesn't mean you should walk around in the nude when you have a family staying over that isn't into that. Why would you want to make your Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 uncomfortable?

It's kind of rude. That's all I'm saying.

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She probably sleeps naked and she might have forgotten that there was company - I know I've stumbled out of my bedroom early in the morning in underwear sporting morning wood forgetting there's someone on the couch. Try to stop perpetuating the bullshit concept that seeing people naked in a non-sexual context is taboo.

It's that easy. Blows my mind that the majority in will still have an "eek! A bum! You saw somebody naked.

She tried to make it sorta funny. You don't Friday night fun Hilo1 to do anything. How exactly is this "dangerous"? Are you a frjend beast unable to control yourself? No, you are a gentleman and you won't do anything out of line. She may think you are attractive, you may think she is attractive.

This is okay! It doesn't mean you have to act on it. Nudity does not equate to sex, even though our culture somehow always links then together.

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Also, the glances at you may have been the result of you looking at her! As for her intentions, in turning around and blowing you a Me and my best friend fuck my wife_35 You don't know what her intentions were, so don't take any action based on that.

Until something else happens, do nothing. If you wish to be perfectly honest with your wife, preface it with "so, I've been thinking about something and I can quite make sense of it, but You know your mj better than us, OP, so she's may or may not need some reassurance that your only have eyes for her.

I feel a mixture of temptation and anger at how she behaved.

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